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Love Restaurant Project

Hanging Pergola

There is nothing better than dining in an outdoor space without any disturbances such as rain or shine.
So, installing a hanging parasol for the outdoor space and at the same time allowing those seated to enjoy the outdoors was our project at Love Restaurant.
All in all, this is the goal of Emerge Hanging Pergolas, better design, better quality, better experience for our dear customers.
The most prominent features of the project products:

  • Pergola frames are specially designed with rotating tools with sun rays to block the entry of part of the sun’s rays while allowing another part in an appropriate manner that does not harm the seated throughout the period of sunshine.
  • Easy to control via a remote control.
  • Its design is consistent with the design style of the restaurant, making it an essential part of the restaurant space.

There are still many successful projects in the design and construction of hanging awnings, wooden pergolas, sliding doors, and other outdoor construction tools.