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Khalidiya House Project

Air-conditioned outdoor space

A year-round outdoor space was built in the summer and winter seasons.
It was built with the highest tools that can withstand any climatic changes such as rain and scorching sun rays.
Which allows you to spend the best intimate times with family and friends in your outdoor space, and hold parties and happy memories, whether in the morning or evening.

The design of the outdoor space from Emerge is characterized by suiting different tastes, whether the design of your home is classic or modern. Don’t worry about the outside space, because it will fit in.

The most prominent features of the project products:

  • Stable and strong glass, suitable for withstanding climate change.

  • Folding doors and windows are easy to use.

  • Controlling the air conditioner is easy with the remote control.

Car Shading

We succeeded in installing a foldable hanging pergola to cover the car’s yard. The pergola is designed in a way that protects cars from sunlight and rain, and is also easy to control via a remote control.
One of the most important benefits of installing movable awnings to cover the garage space is adding privacy and security to homeowners’ cars.
Also protect cars from exposure to any sudden weather factors.
The most prominent features of the project products:

  • It is made of strong yet flexible materials.
  • The pergola is foldable and easy to control.
  • withstands rain and ultraviolet rays of the sun.

There are still many successful projects in the design and construction of hanging awnings, wooden pergolas, sliding doors, and other outdoor construction tools.