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Kaifan House Project

Swimming pool roof

We built all glass swimming pool roof as per customer choice.
Finally, the homeowners will not wait for the sunset or get up early to enjoy swimming outdoors in privacy and away from any disturbing weather factors.
The most prominent features of the project products:

  • Foldable via the remote control.
  • Provides protection from sun, rain and wind.
  • Made of stable, strong and flexible glass that folds easily and without damage.

A moving pergola

Wooden movable pergolas are suitable for the design of the house and its outdoor space.
We also designed wooden openings in the pergola and installed sliding doors.
The wooden pergolas added an amazing classic feel to the house, and the design of the house was transformed significantly after the installation of the pergolas.
The most prominent features of the project products:

  • Pergolas are specially designed from wood with built-in frames to adapt to weather changes.
  • Easy to control via the remote control, easily open or lock the pergola to enjoy the outdoors in the evening without insulation.

There are still many successful projects in the design and construction of hanging awnings, wooden pergolas, sliding doors, and other outdoor construction tools.