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Al-Salam House Project

A moving pergola

A movable pergola was built for the outdoor space of the house, which was specially designed to suit the design of the house and to protect the open space from harmful sunlight and heavy rain.
Thus, the owners of the house can host family and friends in this special space and enjoy the evenings in a warm climate.
Also, enjoying breakfast or sharing succulent tea with friends in a mild climate away from the harmful rays of the sun.
Of course, the presence of pergolas also helped to preserve the privacy of the owners and guests of the house.
The most prominent features of the project products:

  • The pergola is designed with built-in tools that can withstand climatic changes.
  • Pergola blades are designed with an elegant design that matches the design of the home.

There are still many successful projects in the design and construction of hanging awnings, wooden pergolas, sliding doors, and other outdoor construction tools.